Go on Small Adventures!

I’ve been dreaming of so many big adventures lately, backpacking Europe, going on an Alaskan cruise, volunteering abroad next summer. Big adventures can have a big impact and are so important but I think sometimes we forget the importance of small adventures. I was fortunate enough to be reminded of this today and it has really made me stop and think. In the span of two hours I discovered a new place, tried something new and tried something that scared me, and all I did was walk 20 minutes from campus.
A new friend and I decided to go explore downtown a  little bit this afternoon. I was thinking that we would just go walk around downtown but the weather had other plans…POURING rain plans. However, a little rain never hurt anyone so off we went. By the time we got downtown we were soaked so we decided to sit down somewhere and get some food.

Discover a New Place:

My friend suggested that we go get Thai food so we headed to this place called the Rice Palace. I had never heard of it before but I instantly fell in love. It’s small, there was Hmong music playing in the background and it was casual but nice. Most importantly the food was delicious. I had never had Thai food before but SPOILER ALERT: I loved it! I would 10/10 recommend Rice Palace if you’re ever in the Eau Claire area!!

Try Something New:

I had never had Thai food before but, in the spirit of adventure, when my friend recommended it I couldn’t say no. I got a honeydew flavored baba tea. This was exciting in and of itself because I have been wanting to try baba tea for a while now. I really liked it! I picked honeydew because I had never heard of it as a flavor for anything before, it was seriously like drinking a liquid melon∼SO GOOD. I also ordered fried bananas. They were drenched in chocolate sauce and powered sugar, but bananas are fruit so it was basically healthy, RIGHT?! My friend got an appetizer platter with a bunch of different foods on it and he insisted I try everything on it. I tried spring rolls and crab rangoons and butterfly shrimp, which leads me to…

Try Something That Scares Me:

This might sound strange but trying butterfly shrimp legitimately scared me, I could barely even touch it at first, IT HAD A TAIL! But, with some coxing from my friend, I finally tried it and guess what guys?! It wasn’t half bad!! I was very prepared, like napkin in hand, to hate it but I didn’t. It’s not something that I would eat very often but I’m so glad I tried it.

So here is the moral of this little adventure: Small adventures can have an impact and broaden your worldview just as much as grand adventures. In just two hours I tried something new, something that scared me and discovered a new place that I can actually visit without getting on a plane or even getting in a car. We go on big, grand adventures hoping to do all three of these things forgetting that we can do them in our own backyard as well! So go out and explore your own city a little bit, I promise you won’t regret it!



What awesome small adventure have you been on? Let me know in the comments!


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