Kohler-Andrae Exploring


Spring break is officially in full swing! A week off of school for nothing but fun. Well, maybe a little work and homework mixed in, but mostly fun! Yesterday, I decided a little adventure was in order so my dad, my little sister and I went to Kohler-Andrae State Park. I’d been here once before, but that was a while ago so I was excited to explore. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Even though it’s spring break, and I’m in a hat and gloves, the beach was fabulous! There were also some really great board walk trails to hike on. We went on a mile and a half one, there are a lot of little hills, as the board walk goes over sand dunes, but it’s beautiful. The water  had a turquoise tint to it that looked spring break-y, which made up for the weather😋. I was the perfect place to spend an afternoon!







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