Amsterdam Highlights

The first leg of our trip is complete! For those of you who don’t know, my friend and I are backpacking Europe for a month, and our first stop was Amsterdam!

We stayed in Hostel Van Gough and had 6 other roommates, a girl from Argentina, 2 boys from Ireland, and 3 boys from the UK. They were all pretty nice and made for fine roommates!

The first day we wandered around the city a bit then stopped at a supermarket for picnic supplies.

I was worried that food would cost a lot but picnicing is SO cheap! We got enough ham and cheese to last us all 3 days plus bread, apples, and a cheap bottle of wine~all for less than €4 each!

Vondelpark is a lovely picnic place as well as a great place to journal and relax! We spent a lot of time there.

The next day was our busiest day. We stopped by the “I amsterdam” sign for some pictures then headed to the Tuliup and Waterlooplin Market.

From there we wandered into the Red Light Distrct, and were surprised to see that it’s still functioning during the day! After a quick lunch we headed to the Anne Frank House.

We waited 2 hours to get into the Anne Frank House but it was well worth the wait! You take an audio guided tour through the house and secret annex that lasts about 45 minutes. It was incredibly interesting! However, a word of caution, the a very very steep steps going from floor to floor and no elevators.

On our way back to the hostel we encountered the craziest crowed I’ve ever seen! There was a football match so huge crowds of people we walking down the street yelling, drinking, and shooting off flares. It was crazy to see because that kind of thing would never fly in the US.

Our last day was very relaxed. We split our time between Ooster Park and Vondelpark. The parks were one of my favorite parts of Amsterdam!

Overall, it was a wonderful first stop. I don’t think I’d make a huge effort to go back, but I enjoyed my time in Amsterdam. The relaxed vibe made it a great place to start!


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