Backpacking Budgeting: How Much Does a Month in Europe Cost?

Planning trips is fun until you start thinking about the cost, then it gets a little stressful. However, you can backpack Europe for a month really cheaply, I promise😉

How much does it cost to backpack Europe-

When I went to France 2 years ago, it cost me roughly $4000 for two weeks. For one month of going all over Europe it cost me approximately, give or take the exchange rate, $3260.88 That’s $739.12 less for two weeks longer!

It wasn’t always easy, we ate a lot of bread and cheese for dinner, but we made it work. Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

Pre Trip:

Round Trip Flight (Dublin): $811

Travel Insurence: $125

Italy Eurail Pass: $174

Between Country Flights: $582.34

Hostel Down Payments: $83.42

During the Trip: 

Money Taken Out in the Airport: €450

Money Taken out in Barcelona: €500

Money Taken Out in Venice: €150

Money Taken Out in Switzerland: CHF 200

This money was used to pay for our hostels, food, and attractions.

My biggest advice when dealing with money in Europe is to never use money exchange places. I learned that lesson in Barcelona. They take a commission, plus there is the exchange rate, so taking out 500 euros cost me 679 US dollars. That’s a ridiculous amount that I paid just to take out money! Using ATMs only costs you the exchange rate which is much more reasonable compared to the exchange places.

It is possible to travel around Europe very cheaply… so what’s your excuse?😉




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