Travel Bucket List

A travel bucket list. We all have one, a list of places that sound magical or exciting. The pictures take your breath away and make you crave an adventure. I could go on for hours listing off places that I want to visit in my lifetime but I don’t want to bore you so I’ve narrowed it down to ten😉  Without further ado, here’s some of the items on my list!

MyTravel Bucket List

 San Sebastian, Spain

I fell in love with Spain while in Barcelona. I love everything about it from the architecture to the geography! San Sebastian looks absolutely stunning and like the perfect place to continue exploring Spain.


I want to rent a car and drive through Ireland SO. BADLY. I loved Dublin and now want to explore all of Ireland!

Nashville, Tennessee

I have wanted to go to Nashville since I was a little girl. I lovelovelove country music and I think it would be a blast to visit.

 Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

I’ve already been to Pompeii but going back is on the top of my list! I want to take a guided tour of the city this time as well as hike up Mt.Vesuvius. I found everything about the ruins fascinating and I want to know more.



My friend and I are already planning or next backpacking adventure which will be around Thailand. A woman we met in Paris convinced us that we had to go. I also have two friends over there right now. Their photos are so amazing, I can’t wait to experience it for myself!

New York City, New York

New York has been another dream destination of mine since forever. I love the idea of the potential that the city has!


I have a couple friends who have been to India and they loved it so much that it’s been moved to the top of my list! I would love to spend some time in the Himalayas and experience the chaos of India that they both describe.


I’ve wanted to visit here ever since I heard about it in my middle school French class. The photos are some of the most stunning that I’ve ever seen!


One of my dream trips is sailing around Croatia. I think that it sounds absolutely fabulous and I’ve always wanted to go sailing!


More specifically, surfing in Australia. I have always wanted to learn how to surf and I think Australia would be a great place to learn how. Fun fact: I almost decided to study abroad in Lismore, Australia but then the cost was raised. Totally okay because I am so excited for Ghana!

The South of France

Being the first place I traveled abroad, France has my heart❤ I’ve been to Paris and Annecy, so next time I go, I want to see something different! I’ve heard so many amazing things about the south, I want to experience it for myself!

So there you have it, ten (out of the thousands) of the places I want to travel to!

Where do you want to go? Let me know in the comments!




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